Meet Woody Tasch

Sunday, March 22, 2009

"The biggest opportunity that we have right now is to radically change people's awareness of the purpose of capital markets"
Woody Tasch in Slow Money

Woody Tasch

Woody Tasch is chairman and president of Slow Money, a 501c3 formed in 2008 to catalyze the flow of investment capital to small food enterprises and to promote new principles of fiduciary responsibility to support sustainable agriculture and the emergence of a restorative economy.
Woody pioneered the integration of asset management and philanthropic purpose in the 1990s as treasurer of the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation and was founding chairman of the Community Development Venture Capital Alliance. For ten years, through 2008, he was chairman of Investors' Circle, a network of angel investors, funds, and foundations that has invested $133 million in 200 sustainability-promoting20ventures and venture funds. Woody is the author of Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money: Investing as if Food, Farms, and Fertility Mattered (Chelsea Green Publishing Company).

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Slow Money

Author Woody Tasch speaks about creating capitol flow that supports environmentally sustainable food movements and environmentally sustainable financial markets in general.

Complete Interview

In this complete interview, Author Woody Tasch illustrates the concept of Slow Money.

Slower, Smaller and Local

Author Woody Tasch explains that if we detach from global markets we can enhance quality of life by living slower, smaller and local!

A Thousand Billionaires

Author Woody Tasch feels that the way modern economies create wealth is not proactive enough to sustain social and environmental relationships.

Farming and Harming

Author Woody Tasch explains that the way we currently grow food is destructive, and argues that the human race has never lived sustainably.

A Question of Balance

Author Woody Tasch describes the need to balance current large-scale farming models with smaller, sustainable, and long-term models.

Destructiv e Economics

Author Woody Tasch explains how current models of economic growth depend upon destructive and unsustainable living practices which do not support well being.

The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Author Woody Tasch believes that there is a dramatic need to focus time, energy, and capital on the next generation of small business entrepreneurs because they represent diversity.

The Purpose of Capitol Markets

Author Woody Tasch argues that the current economic crisis is an opportunity to reorganize capitol markets towards a more sustainable and ethical future.

The Chicken Comes Home to Roost

Author Woody Tasch describes how the current economic crisis evokes fundamental questions about the future of capitalism.


Civilization's Last Call